Google Ad Planner at 1 Year

As you may have noticed – I am a big Google fan. In particular I like the way Google supports the business community.

Of course it is in their best interest to support the community that pays its bills. However, what I really like is the general nature of much of the information. If I want to use Googles online research tools and then use that information to advertise with Yahoo or Bing or any other site I am free to do so. Nothing to join – no fees to pay.

The latest online tool to come to my attention is Goolge Ad Planner. Celebrating one year in existence – it has just recently been released to the public. Ad Planner is, by far the best free online tool (OK – perhaps the only free online tool.) for planning your ad campaign.

Login using you Google account and accept the terms of service and you will see the demographic information for By entering a website into the search box the information on any website that Google has in its database.

Ad Planner default page

However, the real fun starts when you select the "Search By Audience" tab. There you get to play with all the demographic search aids you will probably ever need. In this case I was looking for Males – 25 to 45, no children who are interested in Cycling and websites that accept advertising.

Ad Planner Search By Audience

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